The Coalition 936: Coming Together for a Better Community

Episode 1 - We have a podcast!

May 15, 2020

In our debut episode we spotlight our Drug Free All Star program and interview two All Stars, Tia from Lufkin High School and Jada from Diboll High School.

5:00 - Why they wanted to join the Drug Free All Star Program and what their expectations were.    

9:00 - They share their favorite activities with the Drug Free All Stars, what they learned most, and where they saw the most impact. 

13:30 - What are some reasons that teens they know turn to different substances? And what are the problems they've noticed at their schools?

17:30 - They discuss their future and how tough it has been going through their senior year during such a strange time. And what have they been doing to fill the time?

22:30 - How the Drug Free All Star Program has changed them and advice for juniors applying to the program.

25:30 - Executive Director Sharon Kruk explains the mission of The Coalition, how we serves the community, and some examples of our past work.

29:15 - What the different roles of the staff are and how the board is the driving force behind our work.

32:00 - What is the difference between The Coalition and direct service agencies like ADAC and the Burke Center?

36:30 - Smoking cessation small group classes offered by The Coalition are discussed.

The Coalition is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit in Lufkin, Texas, that serves Angelina County and beyond.

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Do you or someone you know want to quit smoking? For information on The Coalition's Project Quit click here.


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